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July 26 & 28 401(k) Webinars: 

Retirement Education

401k Quick Start Video - 5 minutes

Topics: Investing During Market Volatility, 401(k) Match & Plan Basics and 1-on-1 planning services

Presenter: Mike Grimme, ClearPoint Financial Partners



Previous Webinars

Market Volatility & Your Retirement Account
March 7, 2022

25 minute discussion of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation and war in Ukraine on global investment markets. What should you do or not do when it comes to your retirement account.

Presenter: Chris Dillon, CFA at T. Rowe Price Investments

Market Volatility Graphic 3-7-22.png

Compounding & Using Online Resources
October 19-2021 

Presentation Covered,

  • Plan basics - eligibility, matching, Roth and distributions

  • Power of compounding

  • Investment option for DIY and Do It For Me investors

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Advice and guidance services

Presenters: Mike Grimme of ClearPoint Financial Partners (advisor) and Gerardo Salinas of Standard Retirement Services (recordkeeper)

Other Retirement Topics
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