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Retirement Questionnaire

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Tell Us About Yourself 

Answering a few questions will help us create a plan to help you meet your unique retirement goals. After you complete the questionnaire below we will review your answers, create and email a personalized retirement report and schedule a Zoom call to answer questions and discuss next steps to put your plan into action.

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How do you feel about investing and risk?

How much time you have until you want to retire is a key driver for how much risk should be in your portfolio.

Knowing your comfort with risk can help personalize your portfolio. The more confidence you have in your strategy, the less anxiety you'll have during the inevitable ups-and-downs that come with investing in the stock market. Moving in and out of investments because of market volatility is one of the most common ways investors lose money.

Note: the questionnaire below asks for your estimated Social Security retirement benefit. You can click the Social Security Administration (SSA) logo here for a link to their website to get your estimated benefit.

Retirement Questionnaire

Which best describes you as an investor?
If your account lost 30% of its value in a few months, you would?

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